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Freedom of Speech- For Who?

Freedom of Speech? – For Who?
No Free Speech for Traitors!
Fight Hate Speech- No Platform for Fascists!

In recent weeks, Britain’s far right movement in Ireland has been attempting to win support by championing the idea of ‘free speech’. But as with all issues, it is important to investigate the class forces at play to understand what is really going on.

The far right in Ireland represent the most fanatical, backward supporters of the ongoing Free State Counter Revolution against the All Ireland People’s Republic. This is clearly evident by their baners and placards fetishising the traitor and Arch Counter Revolutionary Michael Collins, under whose leadership the free State baned the Republican press through force of arms and his free State cronies later executed the chief of the Republican Press, Erskine Childers. Hardly the actions of the advocates of Free Speech.

At the height of the most recent phase of the war for National Liberation, today’s far right leaders and champions of Free Speech from Gemma O’Doherty to Justin Barrett and Hermonn Kelly were notably quiet, if not actively supporting the Free State as it implemented section 31 of the broadcasting act preventing free speech for Republicans while Rowan Croft fought in the ranks of Britain’s Imperialist Army.

It is clear then, from even this brief investigation that the far right in Ireland do not support Free Speech. When they talk about Free Speech they are arguing in defence of Hate Speech, not Free Speech for all and certainly not for Republicans, Socialists and working class voices. Free speech to the far right means the freedom to scapegoat travellers, the disabled, migrant workers, rape victims and refugees without being challenged. They want the freedom to freely express racsist, misogynistic, homophobic fascist and Imperialist ideas with impunity. The far right in Ireland and around the world want freedom of speech for the dominant class alone.

As Irish Socialist Republicans, we believe in the words of the great anti Fascist and Socialist Republican Frank Ryan, that there should be ‘No Free Speech for Traitors’.

Make no mistake, the far right and their supporters are traitors as they are actively working with loyalist death squads and British Imperialism in Ireland. How can anyone take such traitors seriously?

Irish Republicans have always opposed hate speech and will continue to do so. The best way to defeat it is through the building of a strong policy of no platform for Fascists, safeguarded by a United anti fascist front of all progressive forces

Don’t be misled by Britain’s far right in Ireland. Stand against the traitors, stand against the fascists, No Platform- No Pasaran!

#SocialistRepublican History Land Irish National League Established

On this day in 1879, under the direction of the great Fenian John Devoy, a new Anti Imperialist Broad Front was established to fight Landlordism in Ireland.

Michael Davitt

The Irish National Land League brought Revolutionary Republicanism and Constitutional Nationalism together in the one campaign to lead a land war against the system of English, often absentee Landlords in Ireland, under the Revolutionary Slogan, ‘The Land of Ireland for the People of Ireland’

The partnership of Revolutionary Republicanism and Constitutional Nationalism was reflected in the leadership of the new movement, with the Nationalist Politician Charles Stewart Parnell elected President of the League and the Fenian and Socialist Republican Michael Davitt appointed Secretary.

Over the next 3 years the Land League would become a major revolutionary force in Ireland, building a mass movement to resist evictions and campaign for the 3fs, Fair Rent, Fixity of Tenure and Free Sale.

Hong Kong Color Revolution: Patterns of the Alt-Right and Fake Left

There has been a Color Revolution (or low-intensity Hybrid War) operation launched against China in Hong Kong running for many months now.

Observing, we can see the fingerprints of both the Alt-Right and the Fake Left.

The objective is to delegitimize China while legitimising the West in comparison, and build the powerbase of both the Right and the pseudo Left.

In this article we will DEFINE some of the key concepts, list some important PATTERNS we see, and predict some likely OUTCOMES.

Let’s start.


Color Revolution

A Color Rev is a destabilization operation (dressed up as a “revolution”) launched by an imperial power in a foreign country.

The goal is to delegitimize-disrupt-destabilize if the target country is strong, and to destroy it outright if its weak.

It uses both non-violent liberal disruptors and violent fascist gangs within the target country, backed up by undercover special-ops, financing and Media support from the Imperial power.

Alt Right

The alt-right is a #brand put on some new fascist formations to give them some respectability monks liberals. They are a cover for the wider fascist movement and will merge back into it when the time is right. However in the world of the Color Revolution they are freedom fighters and its driving force.

Fake Left

Principally the NGO Industrial Complex, which has absorbed most of the profits of the global capitalist system, taken on many functions of the worldwide governance system and employs up to a billion people. This Fake Left is in political symbiosis with liberals, social democrats, anarchists, trotskyites and other “radical” opportunists.

The “left” and “right” are nominally “opposed” to each other and a Color Revolution mind use only one wing.

However playing them in combination is a move that works well.

One interesting feature of this Color Rev in Hong Kong is the presence of both right and left management, probably due to it happening under “conservative” Trump instead of “liberal” Obama.

The counter-revolutionaries Steve Bannon (and his network) and Jeremy Heimans (or someone from his B Team/Avaaz network) are conducting operations from the left and right respectively.

Relevant Color Revs organised from Washington in recent years include: USSR, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine


Terror on the streets

Destructive, senseless violence against the public by ultranationalist gangs

Uprising for freedom/democracy/dignity/whatever

This is the metanarrative, the Big Lie: the 30 second pitch to be repeated again and again to sell the public (who don’t have time for a sophisticated media analysis)

Roving Camera Eye

Media combatants/on-the-ground journalists swarm any actions by the target state security forces, but mysteriously never witness any atrocities by terroristic protestors

White is black black is white, media combatants


Three-Card Revolution Monte

While the fake “Revolution” is happening it will get the Lion’s share of Media attention.

Meanwhile genuine revolutions and popular uprisings happening at the same time will get none or at most minor begrudging negative coverage

  • Haiti




  • Gillets Jaunes




Within the grand meta-narrative, Color Rev activists will send tailored content to the micro-groups that support them.

So there will be secret and open fascist messages and hooliganism for the extreme right.

There will be grovelling to European colonial flags and worship of the American neocolonial flag for conservatives.

And lots of irreverent meme signs for liberals.

  • Anti-communist:



  • Fascist:




  • Alt right






  • Colonial:




  • Liberal





Martyrs, real or otherwise







NGO swamp


Geopolitical Chess Moves

Shutting down the financial system, sanctions of food and medicine, drone bombings, special forces infiltration and outright invasion will all be attempted under the warcry of “saving the people”

Train and Equip

Compared to genuine popular uprisings, Color Revs have a trained and disciplined core. These can be propaganda ‘pranksters’ like OTPOR or fascist thugs like Azov, it doesn’t matter.

They are also well equipped: so their resource needs are taken care of. Usually special forces handlers can be seen in the background

  • Tech


  • Theatre



  • Orchestra
  • Flowers





  • Helmet symbols





  • Manuals



  • Acid attacks
  • Lynchings




Young dumb and full of rum

“Democracy protestors” tend to throw incendiary devices all around, including on themselves and their friends. This is then used as evidence of “regime brutality”


Targeted Demolition

Public services and infrastructure, particularly that used by the poor and working class, is systematically destroyed by rioting thugs and sabotage teams.

Schools, hospitals, buses, trains, social services offices, food distribution are typical targets

Working class areas targeted

We see the patterns of petty bourgeois students and others leaving their middle-class neighborhoods to wreak havoc in working class, migrant and religious & ethnic minority areas


Racial violence







Delegitimized counter narratives

Using The Youth Against The Elderly

Young people are recruited and weaponised to brutally attack their neighbours on the streets – particularly the elderly, especially if they lived through revolutionary periods in that country’s history




Celebrity Cool and the Hollywood Ending

A chorus of celebrities will voice their support for the “Revolution” across the various style, fashion and “non-political” media they feature in – making the Rev cool and uncontroversial.

Hollywood (or Netflix) will weigh in itself soon, and produce high quality propaganda.

Note: the story doesn’t have to make any sense or correspondent with reality. The Color Revolutions inevitably descend into disaster and make life hell for the people living there – as this happens Hollywood and the Media simply move on to the next “Revolution”

  • Films
  • Celebrity endorsements


Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine

These are just some of the patterns observed.

New ones are always developed, for example using social media technology or the Extinction Rebellion op applied in the imperial power itself.

The original playbook was written by Gene Sharp, but the military-NGO-academy complex has developed a large scale lab and industry constantly creating new methods.


China will continue to be delegitimized as a totalitarian monster across the ‘respectable’ (liberal to fascist) political spectrum in the West.

‘Economic nationalism’ in Europe and America will be pumped up into a trade war against China.

Independent countries will be bullied into picking sides, with the more powerful EU and US imperialist blocks ‘taking all’ as the winners

“Communism” will be painted as an oppressive ideology, with fascists continuing to build their street presence globally to fight it and crypto-fascist liberals clinging tightly to their Imperialist police and armies to protect them.

The annual conferences and networks of worldwide fascists and liberal cryptofascists will have new members from Asia.

Countries targeted by Imperialism and Color Revolution will link together, following a similar model to the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-PLO) + Russia model which is proving successful in Western Asia.

Revolutionaries around the world will have another case study to figure out what movements they need to build capable of harnessing the peoples power when the Color Rev campaign hits them.

Extinction Rebellion a Dead End?

The following article is an opinion piece by a Socialist Republican and environmentalist.

In recent days, Extinction Rebellion has mobilised thousands of people around the world to take to the streets on the pretext of defending the environment. Hundreds of genuine activists and young people have rallied to the call, loudly demanding change.

But through a closer analysis of the class forces at work within the movement, it is clear its organisers are part and parcel of the capitalist system, the very that system responsible for destroying our planet.

Founded in England in May 2018, Extinction Rebellion quickly spread to many of the major cities around the world. Describing itself as a pressure group committed to non violent direct action, the stated aim of XR is to put pressure on governments through lobbying, to act in defence of the Environment.

This tells us in black and white that XR is tied to the current system, believing a more ethical capitalism could save the environment. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues at stake.

The class interests of XR are further demonstrated by the words of its founder Roger Hallam. During the movements training sessions, Hallam goes to great pains to state the movement wants nothing to do with ‘obstuctive left wing’ activists or Socialism.

As James Connolly said, Governments in capitalist societies are but committees of the rich to manage the interests of the capitalist class. From this we understand that capitalist governments exist to defend private property, Private Industry and private profit, with little concern for the destruction of our world generated in the pursuit of greed and profit.

No amount of polite lobbying of capitalist governments is ever going to change the system or save the planet.

Therefore, XR has lost before it has even begun. By putting its faith in reform rather then understanding the need for revolution, XR demonstrates its class motivation and its aliegence to the capitalist system. XR is then, about building Green Capitalism.

In Ireland, this months ‘Rebellion Week’ has brought the class nature of XR into even sharper focus. The presence of a number of trotskyite organisers in key positions within XR is enough to raise alarm bells. It suggests that the new movement is little more than the usual posturing between various factions of the establishment in the run up to the next free state election, in the hope to win the votes of those concerned about environmental issues.

XR then is not so much about the environment, but more so about building a constituency to elect more oppurtunist parasites to capitalist parliaments.

The class nature of the movement was demonstrated beyond any doubt during a confrontation with the forces of the reactionary state, when XR ‘Rebels’ began singing to Gardaí, telling them that they love them. The tired old trot mantra of the Free State Police being ‘Workers in Uniform’ was screeched by organisers in attempts to quell any sentiment of genuine resistance. This incident, exposes XR as a tool of the establishment. The actions of Gardai during the Shell 2 Sea resistance demonstrated exactly where the Free state stands on Environmentalism.

The police in capitalist states are the front line in defending the capitalist system, private property, industry and profit, those vultures most culpable in the destruction of our Earth.

It is a fundamental reality that there can be no accord between those who genuinely want to save the earth and the forces of the reactionary state.

It is clear however that there are many genuine people involved in XR. We appeal to those activists to examine how their revolutionary and just goal to defend the earth, is severely limited by the reformist straight jacket of XR and attempts at lobbying within the capitalist system.

Even the most basic investigation of XR will discover that it is fundamentally pro capitalist in its outlook and ultimately committed to wait for capitalist reform, then take the kind of action actually necessary to save our planet.

Working Class and progressive activists within the XR movement should reject its bourgeois leadership and instead reoriantate the movement away from the dead end of reformism and towards the only action that can save the earth, Socialist Revolution.

Only Socialism can save the planet. Only the working class can destroy the systems of industrial Capitalism and Imperialism and end environmental destruction.

The movement to save the earth must be under working class and revolutionary leadership and must be a central plank of the anti capitalist anti Imperialist movement for Socialism.

Reformism will not stop our world being destroyed, only Socialist revolution can save the Earth.

Begging the capitalist system for crumbs is a dead end strategy. The solution is for the working class and revolutionary activists to get organised to defend our Earth and to take the Struggle directly to the doors of those responsible for the destruction of our planet.

Save the Earth- Fight for Socialism

Vol. Paddy Dermody Commemoration 2019

The following is the main oration delivered by socialist republican activist Pádraig Ó Fearghaíl at the annual Paddy Dermody commemoration in Fore, Co. Westmeath.

Anti-Imperialist Action would like to thank the Spirit of Freedom Society for the invitation to speak at this annual event.

“Ireland without her people is nothing to me, and the man who is bubbling over with love and enthusiasm for ‘Ireland’, and can yet pass unmoved through our streets and witness all the wrong and the suffering, the shame and the degradation wrought upon the people of Ireland, aye, wrought by Irishmen upon Irishmen and women, without burning to end it, is, in my opinion, a fraud and a liar in his heart, no matter how he loves that combination of chemical elements which he is pleased to call ‘Ireland’.”

There is no reason to list off numerous statistics to highlight the injustices and suffering facing thousands of Irish people in 2019. All we have to do is to look at our cities and communities to witness it ourselves. Such statistics can at times dehumanise the suffering and struggles that face the Irish people. The aforementioned quote from James Connolly merely refines the perception and the reality that nothing has changed since Connolly wrote these words one hundred and nineteen years ago.

For this reason it is as imperative as ever to commemorate men such as Paddy Dermody.

Dermody gave the ultimate sacrifice in defence of the Irish Republic proclaimed in arms in 1916. The Irish Republic is the Peoples Republic. It declares that it is the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland.

I repeat the word right. The right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland.

Just because the British currently claim jurisdiction over six counties and the other 26 counties are in the hands of a garrison classs and international financial vultures does not extinguish that right. Just because the balance of forces currently do not lie with us, the Irish people at this moment in time, does not extinguish that right. We have to live in the Free State. We do not have to accept it.

Connolly speaking on the Visit of the English King to Ireland in 1910 stated that “The mind accustomed to political kings can easily be reconciled to social kings” and so in Ireland in 2019 there are those who have become reliant and dependent on the electoral system, elected representatives, ballots and referendums to achieve what is theirs by right. However, not for the first time the Irish people are ahead of movements, political parties and organisations. Half of those registered to vote, both North and South do not take part in the electoral system. Believing that the political parties do not represent them and/or that nothing will change through these elections. In both cases they are correct. The Irish people are starting to reject the parliamentary system and process. In essence they are rejecting the Counter Revolution which saw he establishment of the Free State and the creation of the six county state. As Mellows stated: The Free State is British created. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. It should be the role of political activists today to harness this passive opposition into an active opposition.

Paddy Dermody died for an independent, united and Gaelic Irish nation. As Irish Republicans we commemorate in order to honour men such as Dermody and recognise the sacrifice they gave and to reiterate that the aims and objectives for which he died has yet to be realised. As such; a movement for independence in 2019 is badly needed. But an independence movement must be based on the concept of independence and seperatism. Not based on dependency and unionism, whether British or European.

A border poll dependent on British acquiesce cannot bring a united Ireland nevermind the Irish Republic. A general election constrained within the economic and political diktats of the European Union will not bring ownership of Ireland closer to the Irish people.

The destiny of my generation and future generations are set by a boundary set by British imperialism and EU unionism with the compliance of a domestic garrison class. The Irish nation is once again caught between two international powers. The British state and the European union. Negotiations are currently underway between the British state and the European union on how to deal with what they consider the Irish border. We the Irish people have no say into the future of our own destiny. We are back to serving neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland

Two campaigns recently initiated by Republicans in a modest attempt to start to address this contradiction have been the Bring it to their Doors campaign and the Our Mandate Our Republic campaign. The Bring It to their Doors campaign has seen actions take place against politicians, bankers and receivers. Done in the tradition of the Brehon laws where when an injustice was committed against you you brought it the door of the accused, the reaction of the Free State to this campaign confirmed that it is but a paper tiger.

Blueshirt Minister Simon Harris reaction to a small taste of the peoples justice was NEARLY correct when he said these people have no allegiance to this republic. Correction, They have no allegiance to this Free State.

The enemies of the Irish people need to be made aware that they cannot hide behind their facade of democracy and their boardrooms. Injustice has a face and an address.

The moral codemnation of the compliant media and certain section of society were illuminating. They would find an hour long inconvenience to our social betters to be of more concern than the lives of women who have had cervical checks, people on hospital trollies or those families facing eviction. The campaign has highlighted a number of different issues none more so than OUR own sense of justice and OUR moral code does not equate with the current establishment sense of justice and morality. For that reason alone the campaign has served an immense purpose for socialist republicans.

To paraphrase that great Irish man Roger Casement; he spoke about the right to subsist in our own land, to think our own thoughts, to have our own moral code. To be a rebel to the injustices of today is a saner and truer thing than to accept it as the natural lot of men.

The Our Mandate Our Republic campaign is hopefully a modest first step in the process of the re establishment of the all Ireland Republic proclaimed in 1916. A long term campaign it will necessitate the building of the republic, street by street and community by community.

Allegiance to the Republic of 1916 is a counter pivot of allegiance away from the partionist states which currently exist. This can only come about as a result of Republicans providing the Irish people with leadership and providing an alternative which will be in accordance with the Democratic Programme of the First Dail for which Paddy Dermody gave the ultimate sacrifice that the Nation’s sovereignty will extend not only to all men and women of the Nation, but to all its material possessions, the Nation’s soil and all its resources, all the wealth and all the wealth-producing processes within the Nation, and reaffirm that all right to private property must be subordinated to the public right and welfare.

Sula fhagann muid ba mhaith liom buíochas a ghabhail as ucht an cuireadh a thabhairt dom labhairt libh inniu. Is mór an onoir dom. Cead bliain ó shin nuair a bunaiodh an Chead Dail bíi an lá iomlan á reachtail trí Ghaeilge. Ráiteas a bhí ann ag an am go raibh an fís ag an ngluin sin go mbeidh Eire ní amhain saor ach Gaelach. Ní amhain Gaelach ach saor. Caithfimid ár ndicheall a dheanamh an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn chomh minic agus is feidir linn agus e a normalú sa saol atá romhainn.

Paddy Dermody was shot in the back by a Free State Special Branch Detective. He was 22 years of age. Revolution belongs to youth. This generation, which have been handed an economic and social noose around their neck and have inherited a shattered anti-imperialist movement have a duty to re-establish a revolutionary movement based on traditional republican principles and reassert the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland. As stated in the Proclamation of 1916 and the Democratic Programme of 1919 for which Paddy Dermody gave his life.

An Phoblacht abu!

Prionsias Ó Rian- Sóisialaí, Briogáidire Idirnáisiúnta, agus trodaí frith-faisisteach.


Rugadh Prionsias Ó Rian sa bhliain 1902 agus togadh é i mBaile na Tóna,
Contae Luimní. Ba mhúinteoirí scoile iad a thuismitheoirí, Vere Ryan agus
Annie Slattery. Ba é Prionsias an seachtú duine clainne ann. Chuaigh se go scoil ina raibh sé faoi thionchar na sagairt agus ag an am seo bhí sé ag iarraidg dul isteach sa tsagartacht ach ní ndeachaigh sé faoi dheireadh. Rinne sé staidéir ar an Léann Ceilteach sa Choláiste Ollscoile Baile Átha Cliath (UCD). I rith an t-am a chaith sé san ollscoil i mBaile Átha Cliath bhí sé an-gníomhach leis an gCumann Gaelach ar an gcampas, agus bhí sé ina reachtaire sa bhliain 1923.

Chomh maith leis sin fuair sé bonn óir i gcomórtas óráidaíochta leis an
gcumann. Bhí an Cogadh Cathartha na hÉireann faoi lán seol ag an am seo, agus d’fhág Ó Riain chun a bheith ag troid ar son na cúise. Throid sé leis an tArm Phoblacht na hÉireann leis an mBriogáid Oirthear Luimní. Gortaíodh é i rith an cogaidh agus cuireadh é i bpriosúin. Tar éis an cogaidh agus an
frithréabhlóid d’fhill sé ar ais go hollscoil agus thosaigh sé ag scríobh.

Bhí se ina scríbhneoir agus eagarthóir leis an nuachtán poblachtach An Realt. Chomh maith leis sin thosaigh sé ag múineadh Gaeilge i Scoil Mhuinseo (Scoil Protastúnach), agus bhí sé ag obair leis Conradh na Gaeilge. Bhí sé fós gníomhach leis an tArm Phoblacht na hÉireann ag an am seo, ach d’fhás a
shuim i sóisialachas mar bhuail se leis Peadar O’Donnell. Bhí an beirt acu ag iarraidh fronta aontaithe a chrutú mar bhí imní orthu faoi theacht chun cinn an faisisteachais. Bhunaigh siad an Chomhdháil Phoblachtach mar fronta aontaithe i gcoinne faisisteachais.

An Chomhdháil Poblachtach

Sa bhliain 1933 leis Peadar O’Donnell agus George Gilmore bunaíodh Ó Riain An Chomhdháil Phoblachtach ar an mbonn sin thosaigh an gluaiseacht nua seo ag obair leis an lucht oibre agus feirmeoirí bheaga chun sóisialachas a bhunú in Éireann agus chun an tír a chosaint óna lenite gorma. Be é poblacht na noibrithe a chrutú mar chuspóir acu, dúirt siad ‘We believe that a republic of a united Ireland will never be achieved except through a struggle which uproots
capitalism on its way.’ Chreid siad go díograiseach i lánstaonadh ó Theach
Laighean. Chomh maith leis sin, ba ghluaiseacht frith-seicteach é An
Chomhdháil Phoblachtach agus bhí daoine as an bpobal Protastúnach i láthair ag an gcomóradh Wolfe Tone i mBaile Uí Bhuadáin ag mairseáil. Níor éirigh an gluaiseacht go maith de bharr achrann inmhéanach ach d’eagraigh siad daoine chun dul go Spáinn chun an fód a sheasamh in aghaidh Franco agus

Cogadh Cathartha na Spáinne

Nuair a bhriseadh amach an Cogadh Cathartha na Spáinne rinneadh feachtas bolscáireachta ag an Éaglais in Éirinn ag tacú Franco. Tosaíodh nuachtáin ag foilsiú altanna i bhfábhar na Naisiúinaithe sa Spáinn. Chomh maith leis sin eagraíodh Eoin O’Duffy briogáid chun dul go Spáinn chun a bheith ag troid ar son na Náisiúinaithe. Cuireadh é seo buartha ag an dream sóisialacha in Éirinn, an Chomhdháil Phoblachtach ina measc.

Sa bhliain 1936 chuaigh Ó Riain agus thart 80 daoine eile go Spáinn agus chuaigh siad isteach sa Bhriogáidí
Idirnáisiúnta mar “Connolly Colum” agus throid siad leis an mBriogáid Abraham Lincoln agus bhí Ó Riain ina cheannfort. Throid sé sa Cath Jarama agus gortaíodh é. Mar sin de chuaigh se ar ais go hÉireann chun scíth a fháil.

Nuair a fhilleadh sé go Spáinn gabhadh é ag saighdúirí Iodáilaise agus gearradh
pionós an bháis air ach laghdaíodh é seo go dtí priosúnacht saoil. Fuair sé bás agus é i bpriosún sa Ghearmáin.

Focail Scoir

Mar phoblachtaigh sóisialacha ba choir dúinn fronta aontaithe eile a chrutú chun
an fód a sheasamh in aghaidh faisisteachais. Ba choir dúinn inspioráid a thógáil ó Phrionsias Ó Riain agus a chomráidaithe sa Chomhdáil Phoblachtach mar tá
faisistí ag iarraidh fuath agus ciníochas a scaipeadh in Éirinn sa lá ata inniu.

Is féidir linn faisisteachas a scriosadh le chéile agus poblacht na noibrithe a chrutú le chéile. “El fascismo quiere conquistar Irlanda, Irlanda sera el tumba del fascismo, No Pasaran”

Oration At Bodenstown- Seamus Costello- 1966

In 1966, Seamus Costello delivered a landmark oration on IRA Policy, outlining the adoption of Revolutionary Socialism by the Republican Movement.

53 years later, the speech remains the clearest syntisis of Irish Socialist Republicanism since James Connolly and should continue to be studied by Irish Revolutonaies today.


We have assembled here today to pay our respects to the memory of Theobald Wolfe Tone, the father of Irish republicanism. If we, the republicans of 1966, are to pay a fitting tribute to Tone, it is essential that we examine in depth the ideals for which he fought and died. He believed that the Irish people “had but one common interest and one common enemy; that the depression and slavery of Ireland was produced and perpetrated by the divisions existing between them, and that, consequently, to assert the independence of their country, and their own individual liberties, it was necessary to forget all former feuds to consolidate the entire strength of the whole nation, and to form for the future but one people.”

His attitude towards the so-called ‘Irish parliament’ of the day is also worthy of attention. He maintained that the parliament was a totally ineffective body, that it had changed nothing in Ireland, that the social and political order remained the same, and that, as before, the real power lay with the British Government. He realized that until such time as the Irish people united and demanded their just rights that the wealth of this country would either be controlled directly by Britain, or be syphoned off with the willing connivance of a subservient Irish parliament.

Having seen the problems that existed at the time, Tone in conjunction with the other leaders of the revolutionary movement decided that the first logical step towards a solution was to “break the connection with England, the never failing source of all our political and economic evils.”

You may well ask why we of the republican movement, 168 years after the death of Tone, find it necessary to advocate the same course of action that he advocated. The answer is simple. We find it necessary to advocate the same course of action because of the fact that the Irish people still do not control their own affairs, and because their economic and political independence is considered a fit subject for barter or sale by our two subservient puppet parliaments. If the Irish people have any doubt about the truth of this statement and want proof of what I say, they have only to take a close look at the situation that exists today in each part of our partitioned land.

In the North, the destinies of one and a half million of our countrymen are controlled by a puppet regime whose existence for some 45 years has depended on the support of British armed forces. This regime has found to its apparent delight that one of the simplest ways of ensuring its continued existence is by the furtherance of bigotry and sectarianism. Ample evidence of this policy can be found in the recent antics of a certain reverend agent provocateur.

These then are the means by which the British imperialists intend to maintain the people of the North in perpetual slavery. These are also the means by which the working classes are divided against their own material welfare. The pro-British capitalist class who control the economy of the North know very well that, when the people reject those who foster sectarianism, their next step will be to demand a just share of the wealth which they create. These are the real reasons why one section of the community are led to believe that it is in their interest to discriminate against another section. Never are they told that the standard of living which they enjoy, at the expense of their victimized neighbors, is theirs by right – rather are they tricked into believing that these natural rights are a reward for their support of the regime. These tactics serve to ensure that a large section of the population of the North remain loyal to the regime and at the same time do not insist on having a bigger share in the wealth.

In the 26 counties the most that can be said of the position is that it contains one evil less religious discrimination is absent. The political and economic subjection of this part of Ireland to Britain is no less complete than that of the North.

However, British control over the destinies of the people of the 26 counties is not as obvious. This is due in the main to the fact that since 1921 they have had the co-operation of successive quisling parliaments in order to ensure that their interests here are fully protected.

The effects of this economic subjection are obvious in every sphere of life in Ireland at the present time. We of the republican movement have no need to tell the Irish people of the sorry mess which has been made of the economy.

The politicians are telling us every day. They tell us that this position arises as a result of the workers insisting on having a better standard of living. Never are we told that the profits which accrue from our labours are invested abroad by the native and foreign capitalists who control our resources. We are constantly told that we must work harder for the same wages despite the fact that we have to live with an ever increasing cost of living and an ever increasing burden of taxation. Up to now we have been ‘advised’ that it is wrong for workers to withhold labour in the struggle to wrest a decent wage from those employers whose only role in life seems to be the exploitation of workers. The situation in this regard has now changed radically, with the introduction of coercive anti-worker legislation. We now find that Mr. Lemass, in his eagerness to please his imperial masters, is prepared to use against farmers and workers the same type of repression which was previously reserved for republicans. It now seems inevitable that the republicans in Mountjoy prison will soon find themselves joined by farmers and trade unionists.

We republicans must not be content to criticize those who misgovern both parts of our country. If we are to regard ourselves as true followers of Tone, we must provide the Irish people with an alternative. It must be a realistic and practical alternative. Our target must be the achievement of the ideals set out in the Proclamation of 1916 – the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities for all our citizens.

This in effect means that we must aim for the ownership of our resources by the people, so that these resources will be developed in the best interests of the people as a whole. Some of you may feel that these aims are impossible to achieve until such time as we have an independent all-Ireland government. It is certainly true that some of these aims will not reach fruition until such time as we have an all-Ireland parliament. However, in the meantime, you as republicans have an extremely important part to play in the furtherance of this policy.

It is your duty to spearhead the organization of a virile co-operative movement among the farming community. It is also your duty to use your influence as trade unionists to organise a militant trade union movement with a national consciousness. In short, it is your duty to become active, hard working members of each and every organization that is working for the welfare of all the people and towards the reunification of the country.

You should use every possible opportunity to acquaint the people with our policies on land, industry and finance. We believe that there should be a limit to the amount of land owned by any single individual. We also believe that the large estates of absentee landlords should be acquired by compulsory acquisition and worked on a co-operative basis with the financial and technical assistance of the State.

In the field of industry, our policy is to nationalize the key industries with the eventual aim of co-operative ownership by the workers. The capital necessary to carry out this programme can be made available without recourse to extensive taxation by the nationalization of all banks, insurance, loan and investment companies whose present policy is the re-investment of our hard earned money in foreign fields.

This in short is our policy. This is our definition of freedom. It was Tone’s definition, Lalor’s definition, Mitchel’s definition, and the stated aim of Pearse and Connolly. We can expect the same reaction to the implementation of these aims from the forces of exploitation, whether native or foreign sponsored, as the originators received in ’98, ’48, ’67 and 1916. Therefore, to imagine that we can establish a republic solely by constitutional means is utter folly. The lesson of history shows that in the final analysis the robber baron must be dis-established by the some methods that he used to enrich himself and retain his ill-gotten gains, namely, force of arms. To this end we must organise, train, and maintain a disciplined armed force which will always be available to strike at the opportune moment.