Prepare for the Coronavirus- Build Community Solidarity

The Coronavirus is likely to hit our community. Instead of panicking it’s time to get organised. The Committee for the rich in Leinster House have failed to make any preparations for the spread of the virus. They don’t care if it effects workers and our families, so long as they are safe in their ivory towers.

It’s time Working Class communities take control themselves. We don’t need the Free State- we need to organise!

In response to the Coronavirus, Anti Imperialist Action is putting out the most accurate and up to date information to serve our people.

Essential Information- What You Need to Know

Firstly, it is important to remember that the risk of death from the Coronavirus in Ireland is stated to be minimal and more likely to occur in people with underlying health issues who contract the virus.

The Coronavirus can be prevented by regular washing of hands with soap and water and drinking plenty of water every day.

If you do come into contact with someone with the virus and begin to show symptoms then you should self isolate, contact your GP where you will be given advice.

In other parts of the world there has been a shutdown were the Coronavirus has broken out. Working Class communities should prepare for this possibility and should begin to make arrangements to cooperate at the local level in the event of such a shut down occurring here.

Anti Imperialist Action is suggesting a number of practical to take steps below:

What can the communitity do?

  1. Discuss the information in this leaflet with your family friends and neighbors to ensure the spread of accurate information to combat scaremongering
  2. Organise on a street by street basis, forming residents committeon each street in the community to be prepared for a local outbreak of the virus
  3. Begin to buy a little extra non perishable foods, medicine and toiletries, in your weekly shopping which can be shared with your neighbors in the event of a shutdown or shortages. This can be coordinated through the street committees, to ensure all essentials are being bought and everyone is not buying the same items.
  4. Speak to your elderly neighbors to ensure they are not isolated and living in fear.
  5. Come together as a community to confront anyone who attempts to exploit our people through increasing prices due to the virus scare and Organise against anti social elements that may attempt to use any shutdown to prey on the vulnerable.
  6. Contact Anti Imperialist Action for more information or for assistance getting organised on your street to prepare for the virus.

Our community has the power to manage any issue we face ourselves. Now is the time to get organised, now is the time to start rebuilding the All Ireland People’s Republic from the bottom up, a Republic under the control of the working class and not the Criminals in Leinster House.

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