Irish Socialist Republicans have said that Wicklow County Council are acting as recruiting sergeants for the British War Machine, by repeatedly inviting sections of the British Air Force to participate in the Bray Air Display.

Speaking in Bray, a Spokesperson for the group said “In recent years, despite the protests of local residents, Wicklow County Council has continued to invite the Imperialist British War Machine to participate in the Bray Air Show. Such actions can only be taken as a deliberate attempt to normalise the presence of Imperialist war planes in Ireland and allow the British War Machine the opportunity to actively recruit from among our young people.

Wicklow County Council and it’s Bray Tourism Office should hang their heads in shame. At a time when Britain continues to illegally occupy 6 Irish Counties, continues to hold Irishmen and women in prison for resisting that occupation and is involved in Illegal wars of conquest all around the world, there should be no welcome for the British Military in Bray, or any other part of Ireland.”

The Spokesperson continued, “Irish Socialist Republicans have been actively opposing the presence of the RAF child killers in Bray. We have been engaging with local residents, distributing leaflets and putting up posters to highlight the presence of terrorists in the town. The residents of Bray and surrounding communities have been very supportive of this campaign and are disgusted that yet again this beautiful town will be used as the playground for British Imperialists.

We call on Wicklow County Council, Bray Tourism and all other organisers of the Air Show, to cancel the invitation to the British Military. Stop recruiting for the forces of occupation in our country.

As can be seen from the slogan campaign across the area, the writing is in the wall, the RAF are not Welcome in Bray!”