OurMandate #OurRepublic!

The #Our Mandate #Our Republic campaign is a popular People’s campaign to rebuild the All Ireland Socialist Republic, Proclaimed in Arms in 1916 and democratically established in 1919.

The campaign is growing across Ireland and aims to rebuild our People’s Republic from the bottom up, through the development of alternative working class power structures, that will become the rebuilding blocs of the Republic.

The campaign owes it’s allegiance to the All Ireland Socialist Republic. As such, it rejects any claim by Britain or other foregin Imperialists to jurisdiction over any part of Ireland, and recognises the illegal 6 and 26 county states in Ireland as pro Imperialist.

Therefore the Our Mandate Our Republic campaign views the pro Imperialist institutions at Leinster House and Stormont, as well as the systems of county councils that prop them up, as illegal partitionist institutions, the puppet parliaments of capitalism and Imperialism in Ireland. The campaign further views Westminster and the EU Parliament as the institutions of foregin imperialism with no right to operate in Ireland. All the institutions mentioned above work together to suppress our People’s Republic and to exploit and oppress the Irish Working Class.

The Republican principle of Abstenionism from Leinster House, Stormont and Westminster is therefore enshrined in the Our Mandate- Our Republic campaign and is further extended to county councils and the Imperialist EU parliament.

Our campaign asserts that Bourgeois elections cannot deliver the Republic or the change needed to liberate the working class, and only serve as a distraction from the revolutionary work of Rebuilding the Republic, drawing well meaning Republicans into the system and ultimately into proping up the system of capitalism and Imperialism in Ireland, the very system they set out to destroy.

Therefore as we build and develop the Revolutionary strength of the Our Mandate Our Republic campaign across the Country, an important tactic for the campaign will be the complete Boycott of Bourgeois Elections extending to border polls, County Councils, Leinster House, Stormont, Westminster and the EU Parliament.

This breaks new ground for Socialist Republicans and is a complete breaking with and a rejection of the lines and grooves our class enemies want to confine us to. In rejecting reformist institutions and electoralism, the campaign is creating the space to create the people’s revolutionary alternative to to Partition and Imperialism, an alternative that has been neglected for 98 years, by restricting our fight for our freedom within the boundaries set by our enemies.

The Our Mandate Our Republic Campaign creates the space for revolutionaries to concentrate on building modern, functioning institutions of the All Ireland Socialist Republic, through the development of alternative working class power structures and the system of Socialist Republican Resistance Committees, Centers of Resistance and Revolutionary Councils that will win the hearts, minds and allegiance of the Irish Working Class away from the counter revolutionary states, back to the Socialist Republic.

The campaign will continue to develop in the coming weeks and months, through stalls, public meetings, direct actions such as #Bringittotheirdoors, and the door to door distribution of copies for of the Democratic Programme of an Chéad Dáil Éireann. If you want to organise an event in your area, get in touch today.

The Our Mandate, Our Republic campaign is a non party political campaign open to all who give there allegiance to the All Ireland Socialist Republic and are willing to organise and work to develop it’s People’s institutions.

This is the People’s Campaign for National Liberation and Socialism!

We are building the Broad Front for the Socialist Republic!

We are re-organising the Struggle for National Liberation and Socialism for Victory.

Get involved today!